Dental Hygiene And Periodontal Care

The health of your gingival (gum) tissue gives us insight into the health of the rest of your body. Not only do we care about the bacteria from your gum tissue entering and affecting your whole body, but we also want your teeth, and your dental restorations, to last as long as possible. People actually lose more teeth to periodontal disease (gum disease), than cavities. Many people also think that brushing harder is better, and don't understand the harsh effects that whitening toothpaste can have, especially with a medium-bristled toothbrush. As a new patient, we will evaluate the health of your mouth by doing a full-mouth exam including periodontal probing and palpating (feeling) your masticatory (biting, clenching) muscles, and determine a tailor-fit plan. 

We have genetic testing available for periodontal disease, bacterial saliva testing, and a host of natural and medicinal antimicrobials that we use as adjuncts. We also offer a gentle, suture-free way of replacing brushed-away gum tissue (the Chao pinhole technique). We stress oral hygiene instruction and make sure you understand and can demonstrate how to take the best care possible of your mouth. If flossing is difficult for you, or you need more help, we make sure to give you the tools you need. We look forward to helping you successfully maintain your best health possible.